Sunday, May 28, 2006

1928/9 The Broadway Melody

Stars: Charles King, Anita Page and Bessie Love

When I purchased this movie, it was part of a set of "“Best Picture -– Musicals"”, and shares company in its box with "“My Fair Lady"” and "“Gigi". So my standards were high. Unfortunately.

The only thing that really makes this a musical, is the fact that there is indeed one song sung in it. Over and over again. It follows a sister act -– ludicrously lacking in talent -– but with get up and go aplenty. They try to make it on Broadway, but the charms of the younger sister are soon the only thing that makes it -– and only because she is pretty holding a banner during one musical number on the stage.

Hyper-critical as I maybe, the older sister played by Bessie Love, was delightful. She delivered her lines as naturally as if she was living the moment in front of the screen. I was happy to note that she got a nomination for her performance. Sadly, much of her real career was delivered in silent films, and by 1931, her major work was over. She spent the remainder of her career appearing in small and ever more forgettable roles.


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