Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In the beginning....

I don'’t know what made me decide on this as something I just HAD to do. Maybe it was a lack of something else that would probably be far more fulfilling on some sort of emotional or spiritual level. Maybe it was a sense of achievement that I needed to acquire. But I decided to go to the Movies. Not just once, but 77 times. I do love the Movies, but what made me decide to make some sort of resolution around I shall never know. I set myself the task of seeing every movie that has won the "Best Picture"” Oscar since inception.

I must admit that I was surprised what movies did NOT make the list of the so-called best-ever movies. Where was Citizen Kane, The Ten Commandments or African Queen on this list of winners? How did An Affair to Remember, Singing in the Rain or A Clockwork Orange not make the cut? Would I agree with the judges decisions with the selected movies being worthy of going down in history as something significant? No matter what the reasons, I wanted to see all the supposed "best's’"” and judge for myself.

Over the years of movie watching, there were many on the list that I had already seen. But some of them were a long time ago and my memory of them biased by time. So, I thought it best to rewatch all of them -– despite any recent viewing -– with a fresh approach.

And so began my year at the movies.

First came the acquisition of the movies. Some I owned. Some I could rent from my local and ever-faithful "“Blockbuster"”. Many I knew I would have to purchase. I began by looking over the list of movies. Briefly I was daunted by the task I had assigned myself. Briefly. But I was more bothered by the fact that there were so many that I hadn'’t heard of. I didn'’t like to think that I was so ignorant that so many movies had escaped my attention or notice. My youth was not spent wasting time on sports and such, but in watching old movies. But generally they were old movie musicals. I abandoned my reality and preferred a life where one could sing and tap any care away. Clearly, some of the cheesy musicals of days gone by had not been recognized as cinematic masterpieces -– although they certainly are amongst those movies that people remember and recognize. Then again, maybe it is just me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting Miss C, I await the forthcoming 77 movies. Miss D

Thursday, May 18, 2006 10:29:00 am  

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